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Lightweight, like a triple sheepskin coat for Medvedeva, and a pleasant to the body T-shirt made of natural cotton.

Free, like a skater gliding on ice, the cut is complemented by a round neckline that repeats the ideal geometry of the spins.
Composition: 90% cotton, 10% polyester.
Due to the addition of artificial fibers, the T-shirt is practical to wear: it does not stretch, does not fade and is easy to iron.

The original silk-screened print lasts up to the latter, like any champion.
An excellent option for walking and doing sports.

Size Lenght Width Sleeves
XS 59 44 9.5
S 60 45 10
M 62 46 10
L 63 48 11
XL 65 50 12

T-shirt "Ride for food" - Features

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